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Stoocked Buffet

Christy's Soul Food Catering

Please call or text for the menu! New meal-prep menus are available every Friday for the following week.
Absolutely NO REFUNDS on deposits.
Deposits have to be paid on time or no service!

Homemade southern style entrees is our expertise when it comes to catering. Whether you need to feed 50 guests or 500, Christy's Soul Food Catering provides a simple, affordable, and delicious solution tailored to your event. Everything is made from scratch using our own family recipes, guaranteeing authentic soul food flavors.


We cater your private occasions, including baby showers, gender reveals, bar mitzvas, business meetings, retirement parties, and wedding receptions (by location). Don't want to cook for the holidays? Hit up Christy's Soul Food Catering to cover all your family needs.


Enjoy our 5-day meal prep services where we provide you delicious healthy meals each week. There is a different menu each week for our 5-day meal preparation.

Our services include professional staff and servers dressed to perfection with professional uniforms. Our staff will set up your buffet, replenish the buffet line as needed, assist any elderly persons or children and clean up the catering after your event.


Reserve your date and let us bring your vision to life!.



Monday: Baked Salmon, Brown Rice and Asparagus

Tuesday: Whole Toss Salad with Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Onions, and Lite Cheese with Grilled Chicken

Wednesday: Broccoli and Cheese Soup

Thursday: Tuna Salad with Wheat Crackers or Wheat Ritz

Friday: Baked Chicken, Broccoli and Fruit Salad

If you would like to substitute items on the weekly menu, I am happy to oblige.

If you want all healthy food that can certainly be arranged.


Please let me know of any allergies.

Money is due by Saturday and delivery is every Monday.

Please call 252-364-9240 for healthy menu options.

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